Food grade liquid silicone-HY-E620


Cake chocolate mold silicone is a two-component addition molding silicone material, composed of A and B two-component liquid silicone gel, which can be cured at room temperature or heated, and it is convenient to operate. Usually used in the production of high-end and high-simulation food products, sugar art fruit molds, chocolate molds, simulated vegetable models, biscuit molds, cake models, and other food-grade silicone molds.

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Cake Chocolate The elastomer formed by curing the silicone mold has the following properties:
1. It can be deep-cured without receiving, and is not limited by the thickness of the product
2. Food grade, non-toxic and tasteless, passed FDA food grade certification
3. High and low temperature resistance (-60 degrees ~ -250 degrees)
4. Good fluidity, easy to infuse; it can be cured at room temperature or heated to cure, easy to operate
5. High tensile resistance, tear resistance, many times of mold turning, long service life
6. Color, operating time, curing time, etc. can be customized

Cake Chocolate Mold Silicone—Operation Method

Component ratio: two components A and B, A and B=1:1 weight ratio.
Stir evenly: A and B are stirred and mixed for about 2-3 minutes, subject to even stirring.
Vacuum degassing: The uniformly mixed silica gel is vacuum degassed. Generally, it is vacuumed for about 2-5 minutes. The vacuuming time is slightly different for different silica gel viscosity/silica gel weight/vacuum strength.
Curing performance: The blocking agent can be cured in 4 to 5 hours at room temperature (25 degrees) for 30 to 40 minutes, and can be cured after heating up to 80 to 120 degrees for tens of minutes; the operating time and curing time can be customized.
Liquid storage: The shelf life is 10 months, and it should be stored indoors in a sealed state, protected from the sun and rain.
Packing method: Glue A: 20KG/barrel, 200KG/barrel; Glue B: 20KG/barrel, 200KG/barrel; 40KG/group, 400KG/group.


Food grade liquid silicone-HY-E620

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Mixing weight ratio of two components(A:B)


dynamic viscosity(mPa.s)


Tensile Strength(MPa)


Tear strength(kN/m)






Operating time(min)


Curing time(h)


Shrinkage rate



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