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Cement product mold silica gel is actually a kind of liquid mold glue. It is a high-strength liquid mold silicone rubber specially developed for mass production of cement products. A silica gel developed based on the characteristics of heavy cement products, easy to damage molds, fine patterns and fine lines, solves the problem that other hard mold materials cannot replicate the pattern design on the cement surface. Addition mold silica gel and condensation mold silica gel can be used for mass overmolding replication of cement products.

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Application fields of cement product mold silica gel:

It is especially suitable for the production of silicone molds for large-scale stone, plaster, cement components, cultural stones, background walls, sandstone carvings and other products. According to the advantages of Hongye brand cement mold silicone, the patterns of the above products can be perfectly copied and translated High mold frequency, aging resistance, tear resistance. Thereby saving production costs.

The main application characteristics of cement product mold silica gel:

1. Addition mold silicone, in addition to a series of advantages of condensed silicone rubber, they also have lower linear shrinkage, lower viscosity, and better fluidity;

2. Because low-molecular by-products are not released during vulcanization, the vulcanization is synchronized from top to bottom and from the inside to the outside. It can be deeply vulcanized. Under high temperature), the phenomenon of re-sticking and degradation of the mold

3. High-strength anti-tear ability, high mold turning times and good copy effect.

4. The made silicone mold is resistant to aging for a long time, is resistant to acid and alkali, does not deform, and can be reused many times.

Instructions for use of cement product mold silica gel:

The first step: mix the silicone glue and curing agent according to the proportion, and stir evenly

The ratio of silicone and curing agent is 100:5, 1:1 and 10:1, please confirm with the manufacturer before operating.

Step 2: Vacuum the liquid silica gel to remove air bubbles

The vacuuming time should not be too long. Under normal conditions, it should not exceed ten minutes. If the vacuum time is too long, the silica gel will solidify immediately, which will cause cross-linking reaction, which will cause the silica gel to cure unevenly and cause the mold to be scrapped.

If there is no vacuum machine, it is recommended to buy liquid silica gel with lower viscosity and longer operation time, so that the silica gel can fully exhaust bubbles by itself.

The third step: the processing and production of the outer mold

Pour the bubbled silica gel on top of the product by brushing or pouring. The general method and material used is to close the molds and surround them with rubber sheets or wooden boards. As soon as plaster is used to fill the mold cabinets, it is enough to use resin painting. The fiberglass cloth, brush and paste, repeat two or three layers to finish the outer mold of the mold.

The selection method of cement product mold silica gel:

1. For products with a size of 10-20 cm, the markings are very precise and meticulous. It is recommended to use low-hardness liquid silica gel for the filling operation.
2. For products with a size of 30-50 cm, with precise markings, it is recommended to use 30-35 degrees of silica gel for brushing operations.
3. For products with a size of 30-50 cm, with simple spots and very thin thickness, it is recommended to use 25-30 degrees silica gel for injection molding operations.
4. For products with a size above 60 cm, regardless of whether the markings are fine or not, 40-50 degrees silica gel is generally used for the brushing operation; unless the product thickness is relatively thin, the injection molding operation can be used.

Cautions for cement product mold silica gel:

1. The amount of curing agent added should be determined by the temperature, and the temperature will be reduced if the temperature is high. If the curing agent is used too much, the silicone mold will become hard and brittle; if the curing agent is used too little, the operation time will be prolonged.

2. In order for your silicone mold to achieve the best results, please store the mold for at least 24 hours before using it.

Cement product mold silicone-HY640A

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