The human body silicone

Human silica gel is a two-component heated silicone rubber with colorless or skin-colored oily liquid. After vulcanization, it becomes a soft elastic material. It can make flexible silicone rubber products such as human body, insole, shoulder pad, patch and anti-slip pad. Also can be used for the simulation of human face mold silica gel is mainly used for human face, imitation of human body shape, no variation. Changeable shape, soft touch.


Before work begins, the designer applies a thin layer of vaseline to the eyebrows and eyelashes of the model to prevent them from sticking to the mask model. The designer then applied a layer of silicone to the model’s face. During the rest of the process, the model must remain expressionless and sit still, because even slight changes in expression directly affect the final shape of the mask. Three or four minutes later, the silicone on the face solidifies. At this point, the designer also put a cast on the model’s face to shape the mask. Two hours later, the cast is removed and the silicone mask is revealed. Designers simply sew eyebrows and eyelashes onto the silicone mask and dye the skin color to create a lifelike mask.

Product features

Temperature range in -65 deG C -200 DEG C can be used for a long time and maintain its soft elastic performance, environmental non-toxic, through SGS environmental non-toxic certification, with excellent electrical properties and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, climate aging resistance, non-corrosive, with physiological inertia, non-toxic and tasteless, low line shrinkage, easy to operate and other characteristics.

How to use human silica gel

The A and B components are evenly mixed by 1:1, and can be irrigated after vacuum defoaming. The operation time depends on the temperature (0.5-3)H, the curing time (room temperature) 12-24h, and the curing time can be in tens of minutes by heating 80-120°C. The operation time of room temperature quick-drying type is less than 20 minutes, and the curing time is 1 hour. According to user’s requirement, it can be made into red, yellow and other colors.


The production of human organs, human body shape, chest pad, shoulder pad, non-slip pad and other flexible silicone rubber products.


1, molding series of products for non-dangerous goods, sealed storage, placed in a cool place, to prevent rain, sunlight exposure.

2, molding series of products should be prohibited in the use of condensation type silicone organic tin compound mixed, otherwise, rubber is not vulcanized, avoid mixing with sulfur phosphorus nitrogen compounds, otherwise it will make the product is not completely vulcanized or not vulcanized.

The human body silicone


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