How to use mold silicone gel

1. After weighing a certain amount of silica gel, add curing agent according to 2-3% of the amount of silica gel, and make it ready for use, and it must be used up in a short time.

2. Fully stir the rubber compound with the curing agent, and then put the rubber compound into the vacuum box for 3-5 minutes. After the bubbles are discharged, the mold can be made.

3. The vulcanization speed of this series of products is closely related to the ambient temperature and humidity. The higher the temperature and the greater the humidity, the faster the vulcanization speed. The user can choose the curing agent and adjust the amount of curing agent according to the weather conditions, so as to obtain the appropriate vulcanization speed. Packing, storage and transportation and precautions: 1. The base glue of this series is packed in 25kg iron drum, and the curing agent is packed in 0.7L/plastic bottle. 2. This series of products should be sealed and stored in a cool place to prevent rain and sun exposure. 3. The storage period of this series of products is half a year. If there is an increase in viscosity, it will be used after mixing evenly, and the performance will not change.

4. When the replica type is glass, ceramics, resin, wood, etc. or coated with paint, the surface of the prototype is evenly coated with a surfactant (such as detergent, shampoo or soapy water), and after the water evaporates, it is poured or brushed. Silicone rubber is conducive to better demoulding.

 5. This series of products are non-hazardous, but please pay attention to avoid contact of curing agent with skin and eyes during use. Once contacted, immediately wash with appropriate amount of detergent and water, if splashed into the eyes, wash with running water for at least 15 minutes, and consult a doctor.

6. Matters needing attention: Before using it in large quantities, please try it out in a small amount and master its use skills to avoid unnecessary losses. If the mold is a silicon-containing material such as ceramics, cement, etc., it needs to be sprayed with a release agent to prevent the mold from sticking. The container used for mixing needs to be cleaned up. Because the residue on the inner wall of the container is uneven during mixing, try not to pour it into the mold to avoid local uncuring and slow local curing.

How to use mold silicone gel


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