5 advantages of silicone products in the electronics industry

With the continuous development and progress of the silicone industry, the application in the electronics industry has become more and more extensive. Silicone is not only widely used in the insulation of wires and cables, but also widely used in the manufacture of connectors, electrical seals, shock absorption parts, and motor stator coils. Insulating tape, high temperature potentiometer sealing ring and thrust ring of high voltage ring of motor, etc. So what are the advantages of silicone products in the electronics industry?

  1. Wrapped insulation materials for electrical coils

Features and advantages: heat resistance, moisture resistance, earthquake resistance

  1. Silicone and polyester fiber reinforced insulators for transmission lines

Features and advantages: light weight, good performance, anti-flashover, anti-salt spray, anti-dust pollution

  1. Silicone insulating sleeve and sealing ring of general potentiometer and climax potentiometer

Features and advantages: high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, excellent electrical insulation, thermal shrinkage

  1. Conductive connectors of electronic and electrical equipment for conductive silica gel

Features and advantages: It can be closely attached to the contact surface, does not produce vibration, receives input signals stably, is thin, and lightweight

Five, TV high pressure cap

Features and advantages: long service life, high and low temperature, stable electrical energy, ozone resistance.

5 advantages of silicone products in the electronics industry


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