Month: August 2021

Candle products silicone, candle products glue, candle products silicone

Candle products silica gelCandle products silica gel is a condensed two-component material composed of two components, A and B. High fluidity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high tensile and tear resistance, and low shrinkage. Manufacture of moulds dedicated to candle products and handicrafts. Candle product silicone is also known as: candle product silicone, candle product […]

What should we pay attention to when choosing silicone products for our babies?

Almost every household will have one or two children, and in the same way, everyone pays great attention to the healthy growth of children. When choosing a bottle for our children, generally, everyone will first choose silicone milk bottles. Of course, this is because Its various advantages have conquered us. So what should we pay […]

5 advantages of silicone products in the electronics industry

With the continuous development and progress of the silicone industry, the application in the electronics industry has become more and more extensive. Silicone is not only widely used in the insulation of wires and cables, but also widely used in the manufacture of connectors, electrical seals, shock absorption parts, and motor stator coils. Insulating tape, […]

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